Pional vibes.

For club use only.


Just listening to Andy Stott’s new album, pure brilliance.

Morning vibes. Eyes closed, head spinning. Beautiful.

calm (käm)
1. An absence or cessation of motion; stillness.
2. Serenity; tranquillity; peace.

Dream on dreamer, and you will spin and turn, loose and learn, rise and shine and fall and find.

de•par•ture (dɪˈpɑr tʃər) 

1. an act or instance of departing.
2. divergence or deviation, as from a standard or rule.
3. the distance due east or west traveled by a vessel or aircraft.
4. the length of the projection, on the east-west reference line, of a survey line.
5. Archaic. death.

What a tune. Prince of Denmark/Traumprinz most underrated producer right now.

Track name says it all.